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Skipsy Bat

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Introducing the bat! A VRChat model~ (Compatible with other platforms of course!)

Curvy, elegant and flappy! All for you to customize to your liking~

NOTE BEFORE PURCHASING: If you want additional variants of the model, they are available on my itch account under the name skipsydragon, or by clicking here

This model is not quest compatible

(Screenshots depict personal texture edits as well, the brown color scheme is the only included textures)


Model Information and What's Included:

  • Expression Gestures, toggles, puppet animations and body type adjustments! (All in one model!)
  • PhysBones physics on many parts of the body!
  • A simple but flashy outfit
  • Big flappy wings!
  • Basic model is Medium performance ranked in VRChat
  • Full Body Tracking compatible!
  • 54k tris on Basic version

Included Files:

  • Unity Package set up and ready to upload to VRChat
  • Blend File, FBX files and general textures
  • Substance Painter .SPP file
  • Discord Link text document


Important Information:

Importing to VRChat;

This model comes with a unity package file setup and ready with all of the necessary phys bones, rotation constraints, animations etc for VRChat.

Step 1: Create a new avatar project in the VCC (VRChat Creator Companion)
Step 2 (Optional): Add the Gesture Manager 3.8.8 or later if you want to test menus in Unity!
Step 3: Import the .unitypackage file to your project and open the Bat scene file!

Terms of Service:

  • You have the rights to upload this avatar for PRIVATE use in VRChat, CVR, Resonite or other similar platforms, or for use with personal animations and renders.
  • You have the rights to edit the models as you wish.
  • You may take commissions, or commission other creators for edits, content development etc. for this model, however both parties must own copies of the model.
  • You DO NOT have the rights redistribute the assets freely or to anyone who does not own them.
  • You DO NOT have the rights to resell your model. You may sell custom prefabs or add-ons separately!
  • You DO NOT have permission to upload as public or to an avatar pedestal.
  • DO NOT claim artist credits for the provided base models.
  • I am not responsible for any violation of VRChat’s (or any platform used) ToS with the actions you take using this model.
  • Follow ALL VRChat Guidelines and Rules 


All model assets, design, textures and work completed by:

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Unitypackage file
Blend, FBX and Texture ZIP
Skipsy Bat.SPP Substance Painter File
Discord Link TXT File
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Skipsy Bat

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